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Wheelchair Refurbishing & Customising


                                                                                                                                                Phone:-                    02 4577 4647          ( 24hr Answering Machine )  

                                                                                                                                                Fax:-                       02 4577 4647

             Wheelchair Products & Services                           E-mail:-                   info@wheelchairrefurbishing.com.au

 Modification, Repairs, Alterations, Recovering, Customising                 Postal:-                   P.O. Box 5699 South Windsor N.S.W. 2756

                                                                                                                                                A.B.N.                     65 857 864 092      

              We work with your O.T. or Medical Professional                              Bus. Hrs:-                M - F:-  09:00 - 16:00  Sat:-  By Appointment


Seating, Specialised / Off the Shelf                       Construction,  Modification,  Mounting,  Repairs,  Covering,  Recovering


Wheelchair Modifications                                          Footplates.  Leg Rests,  Seat Back,  Seat Base,  Armrests,  Controller Mounts,  Push handles


Component Fitting         ( Seating )                              Ankle Huggers,  Pommels,  Knee Blocks,  Hip Blocks,  Lap Belts,  Thoracic Supports,  Arm Restraints,

                                                                                              Shoulder Harness,  Shoulder Bars,  Head Rests


Component Fitting        ( General Accessories )        Tray Tops,  Drink Holders,  12v / 24v Items,  I.V. Poles,  Racks,  Anti Tip Bars,  Carry Bags


Materials Supply                                                            Polypropylene Webbing,  Plastic Buckles,  Click It / Fix It,  Hook / Loop Fastener,  Spray Adhesives,

                                                                                               EVA Foam,  Seating Foam,  Tri-Glides,  Nuts & Bolts,  Screw Knobs,  Push Handle Grips


Manufactured Items      ( As required )                       Back Board,  Seat Board,  Armrest Pads,  Footplates,  Pommels,  Knee Blocks,  Hip Blocks, Bag Hooks,

                                                                                               Headrests,  Removable Seating Covers,  Trays,  Lambs Wool Padding,  Web Belts,  Calf Straps,

                                                                                               Mounting Clamps,  Custom Items,  Receiver Mounts, Carry Bags


Maintenance                     ( Mechanical )                        Clean and Grease,  Tyre Replacement ( pneumatic only ),  General Tightening and Inspection,

                                                                                               Electrical Cable Repairs,  Electric Motor Refurbishment,  Chair Refurbishment,  Replacement Parts ( limited )


Repairs                                 ( Mechanical )                       Broken / Bent Frames,  Reinforcement to Points,  Straightening,  Patching


Wheelchair Disposal                                                    Electric or Manual Chairs Taken Away and Disposed of Environmentally Friendly Where Possible


Working With                                                 Stainless Steel,  Aluminium,  Steel, ABS Plastic,  Textiles,  Wood,  Leather,  Foam


For a more comprehensive listing or explanation of services, please contact SpeedBoar Machining for further details.

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